Talent- and Organisational Development

Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity

For Industry

Organizations seeking to thrive in today's turbulent times cannot change through technical approaches. They need a new kind of leadership.

For Academia

Institutions and organizations have become more complex and fast changing. The leaders are required to know themselves as well as their behaviors to reflect the constant changing environment.

For Consulting

Consulting places an emphasis on diagnosing the problem and finding a cure. In today's world of complex organizations the traditional linear approach is becoming less and less vaible.



For those who appreciate the importance of reflection, but find it difficult to execute, we offer individual and team coaching to develop self-reflection. The value of reflection is based on the permise that the better one understands one's own behavior, motivations and beliefs, in the context of the current situation, the better one can choose a response that produces the desired outcome.

These are our unique selling propositions (USPs):

  1. We have extensive knowledge and experience in observing and reflecting on behavior (registered psychologist).
  2. We have worked in industry for many years and understand the dynamics within the industry.
  3. We show passion for people and endeavor to support them in achieving their own successes.

The seminars are led by highly qualified facilitators, and our interactive and engaging experiential learning includes:

  • Getting to know yourself as well as your boundaries in dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Experiencing your boundaries and how to use self-awareness in your personal and professional life
  • Experiencing reflective consultation and how to practice it
  • Understanding power and how to use it

Being an iconic image of ‘boundless’, Flooris van der Walt is both South African and Swiss, and has lived and worked in both countries.

He is a clinical psychologist who practiced as a psychotherapist and is registered with the Health Professions Council in South Africa. In Switzerland, he is registered as a psychologist with the “Psychologieberufekommission” and is member of the Swiss Society for Coaching Psychology.

He received his post-graduate degree in Gifted Child Education, and subsequently completed an MBA, specializing in HR.

After gaining experience in general HR at both headquarters as well as plant environments in South Africa, he was transferred to Switzerland as an international consultant in Management Development and Education. In these positions, he gained experience in Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe and North America.

On leaving LafargeHolcim, he became head of an academy at Cofely. He returned to LafargeHolcim as Head of HR Management of the central services company and continued as Head of Corporate Recruitment and Appointments. He changed to be the responsible person for People Development issues within the IT and Internal Auditing functions worldwide with his last function as VP Global HR Business Processes.

He led Oerlikon in various HR functions, as Head of Group Talent Management.

He enhanced his education with lifelong learning through courses including the “Advanced Human Resource Executive Program” at Michigan Ross Business School, “HR in Asia” at INSEAD, “Entrepreneurship” at Babson College, “Senior Management Program” at IMD Business School, “Advanced Management Program” at Harvard Business School and “Consulting and Change” at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

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